You Don't Need SPECS to See the Obvious
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Remember the story of The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde? Long after the statue prince begs the swallow to remove his rare sapphire eyes in order to give them to others, the prince remains with his full faculty of sight, through his heart alone. Now that's something we can learn from. 
Whether you have your full visual faculties or you are sight impaired, it doesn't take much to see that we are living through miracles. Two thousand rockets have a pretty high statistical chance of causing a lot of damage to life and property. The fact that there has been minimal injury and loss of life has to be attributed to something supranatural, whichever way you look at it and whatever your beliefs. "It's striking," comments RE-SPECS CEO Chana Simon, "that you don't hear anyone questioning 'Where was God during Operation Protective Edge?'. Anyone with a true sense of vision can see why. You definitely don't need SPECS to see the obvious."
My Story. 100% True.

My real name is not Galia and I don't want you to recognize me. I live with my divorced mother, while 2 of my 3 siblings have gone abroad because of financial difficulties. We also live with my 7-month-old son, the only family in his life. With an eye prescription of -5.75, and knowing I need to see well because we are under intermittent rocket fire, I have come to RE-SPECS. 
I can no longer push off getting the glasses I need. The social services sent me here, but I have to pay for them myself from the small monthly stipend I get from Bituach Leumi. They don't cost a lot and yet it doesn't leave me that much to live on. Emotionally, I am close to breaking point.

I hope we find a sponsor.
You don't need SPECS to see the obvious. All you need is your heart.
If These Two Can Do It, So Can You!
Meet Yonina. Age 12, Teaneck NJ.
Yonina Weinberg and her mother Aliza have been engaging in a special project in honor of Yonina's Bat Mitzvah. They decided that they'd like to do some good for others and contacted RE-SPECS in order to undertake a glasses collection for the underprivileged. But that's not all. The diligent mother phoned us to inquire about how to sort out the glasses, what to look for, etc. This is something that we don't get every day. Many people willingly collect used glasses for us but they don't often take the time to sort them out for us at their end. Aliza says, "I have gotten amazing feedback about this project. People are happy to donate to a great cause." 
See the article about Yonina here.
Meet Megan. Age 12, Alpharetta, GA.
Megan Herring and her mother Tracy have been engaging in a different kind of effort in honor of Megan's Bat Mitzvah. They decided to do a months' long fundraising campaign to raise funds for RE-SPECS projects. How do they do it? They run mini-marathons, for one thing. To date, Megan and Tracy have run two 5-km runs. The creative and resourceful 12-year-old also came up with another idea: selling homemade hair accessories. Simple ideas, huge impact. Says Tracy, "By the end of the year, she will have raised a nice sum of money. We couldn't be more proud." Equally proud are some of her best supporters: her running partner Avi Spector and hair-accessory co-worker Grandpa Herring.
See some of Megan's fundraising efforts here.
Here's how we celebrated RE-SPECS' 2nd birthday!

Yes, that's right. We're two years old, Mazal Tov! And we marked the event with the free eye testing of underprivileged adults and kids in our newly operating eye exam room. Many thanks to volunteer optometrist and long-time supporter Elad!
Got 4 minutes? See the Declaration of Interdependence and how you can help
RE-SPECS Branches:

Raanana-Kfar Saba (Head office) - 09-9555395, 0584-436735
Tel Aviv - 077-9555705
Hatzor Haglilit - 0544-908028 
Kiryat Yearim-Telzstone - 0504-165112
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Bnei Brak - 0548-490152
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