Those in Favor, Say "Eye"!

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Those in Favor, Say "Eye"!

To raise 55,000 NIS for the RE-SPECS eye clinic, which provides Israel's needy with eyewear. 
START DATE: April 2nd       END DATE: April 30th

IT'S A WIN-WIN: Your donation can win you up to 50% of its value! 
When YOU GIVE, you not only benefit the underprivileged, YOU GET in return.
HOW IT WORKS: As an incentive, we have created a tiered system of perks, so the more you donate, the more you can get! We have 82 perks to give away; the first 82 people to make a donation that corresponds with the perks offered will automatically win.
PAY IT FORWARD: Won a perk? You can choose to redeem it, or PAY IT FORWARD. Let us know if you want to pass it onto a friend or to someone in need.
GIVE a Donation: GET a Perk
70 NIS 2 Beautiful handcrafted greeting cards (Sara Stein) 35 NIS 16
80 NIS Artistic mezuza case (Shablool Devarim Yafim) 40 NIS 7
90  NIS Hamavdil havdalah pad (A Kosher Basket) 45 NIS 1
100 NIS Watch (Tachshitei Lev) 50 NIS 2
100 NIS Express manicure (Judy Lev, Raanana) 50 NIS 2
100  NIS Ladies' hairwash & blowdry (Michelle Daulby, Raanana) 50 NIS 5
160 NIS Handpainted personalized door plaque (Chaya Simon) 80 NIS 2
200  NIS Floral arrangement (Flower Power Meital, Raanana) 100 NIS 1
300 NIS Restaurant meal for 2 (Pastaria, Raanana) 150 NIS 6
340 NIS Organic fruits/veggies delivery (BoxedGood, Raanana) 170 NIS 2
400 NIS 1-hr. personal development/time management coaching (Andi Saitowitz, Raanana, Eng/Heb) 200 NIS 2
400  NIS 1-hr. One-on-one yoga class from Sept. (Michal Una, Raanana, Heb/Eng) 200 NIS 6
400  NIS 1-hr. reflexology treatment (Oran Aviv, Kfar Saba, Heb/Eng) 200 NIS 4
400 NIS 1.5-hr. Personal coaching (Oshrat Paz, Raanana, Heb) 200 NIS 3
400 NIS 1-hr. Dieting consultation/ wellness assessment (Racheli Tesler, Kadima, Heb) 200 NIS 2
450  NIS Manicure/pedicure (Aviva Belfer, Jerusalem) 225 NIS 1
460 NIS Handcrafted shiny steel Dune Haroset plate (Laura Cowen) 230 NIS 1
500 NIS consulting & services/web design (Michael Cina, Sharon area/Skype, Eng) 250 NIS 5
500 NIS Gold-filled bracelet with semi-precious stones (Nurit Design) 250 NIS 1
600 NIS Anti-aging beauty treatment (Sandra Clinic, Raanana) 300 NIS 1
600 NIS 1hr-Nutritional consultation (Cindy Solkin, Kfar Saba, Heb/Eng) 300 NIS 2
700 NIS 1-hr. Jump-start business/manager coaching (Gloria Kinrot, Raanana/Skype, Heb/Eng) 350 NIS 2
700 NIS Anti-aging beauty treatment (Nurit Buskila, Raanana) 350 NIS 2
960 NIS 2-hr life coaching/business marketing coaching (Mylene Rybski, Heb/Fre) 480 NIS 1
1,000 NIS 2-hr. Journey session (Aviva Belfer, Jerusalem/Skype, Eng/Heb) 500 NIS 1
1,400 NIS 2-hr. Career boost coaching package (Gloria Kinrot, Raanana/Skype, Heb/Eng) 700 NIS 1
1,440 NIS 3-hr life coaching/business marketing coaching (Mylene Rybski, Heb/Fre) 720 NIS 1
4,000 NIS 4 hrs. Social media consulting & set-up (Ariel Levin, Tel Aviv area/Skype, Eng/Heb) 2,000 NIS 1
  Mystery gift - gold jewelry (Marquis Jewelry)    
GIVE a Donation: GET a Perk
And Now, Meet Our Perk Donors
Sara Stein, Handcrafted Greeting Cards
Sara is a Judaica artist specializing in hand-painted greeting cards, blessings for the home (birkat habayit), & 3D Jewish art

Shablool, Dvarim Yafim
Shablool showcases and sells exquisite porcelain figurines and ornaments that suit any deserving mantelpiece in your home.

Jerusalem Baskets
Jerusalem Baskets offers online Kosher L'mehadrin holiday gifts for all Jewish holidays & special occasions. 

Tachshitei Lev Raanana
Tachshitei Lev jewelry and watch store offers beautiful jewelry pieces and a wide range of fashionable watches.

Judy Lev Beauty Specialist
Judy specializes in facials, anti aging treatments, deep peelings, acne treatments, waxing, manicure, pedicure.  

Michelle Daulby, Hairdresser
Michelle runs a professional, mobile hair wash-and-blowdry service for your convenience in the Raanana area.

Chaya Simon, Artist
Chaya hand paints artistic door plaques and original oil paintings as well as teaching art to youngsters. 

Flower Power Meital
At Meital's you can enjoy the delicate and vibrant floral arrangements and savor the sweet smell of freshly cut flowers, all presented with a smile.

Pastaria Pasta Bar
Pastaria dairy restaurant offers high quality food at low prices. "You can take the family to this restaurant without breaking the bank," says owner and manager Hilton Block.
Shuli Briggs, BoxedGood
BoxedGood provides affordable, fresh, nutritious organic produce delivered on a weekly basis.
Andi Saitowitz, Personal and Professional Coach & Motivational Speaker
Certified life coach from the Adler Institute, Andi helps countless individuals reach their potential.
Michal Unna, Yoga Beroga
A certified yoga teacher (American Teachers' Assoc.), Michal teaches yoga using a creative style, tailor made to every person.  
Oran Aviv, Reflexology and So Much More
You are only 2 feet away from better health.
Oshrat Paz, Personal Development Coaching
Oshrat is an expert in the field of personal development coaching.
Racheli Tesler, Nutrition & Wellness Coaching, Herbalife Agent
Racheli performs computerized wellness assessments and counsels healthy eating habits.
Aviva Belfer, Journey Practitioner, Enhancer, Cosmetician/makeup artist
Aviva is an Enhancer, enhancing value, beauty and effectiveness so you will be the best you in every way.
Laura Cowen, Judaica Designer
Designer & artist Laura Cowan brings unique ideas to the field of Judaica, creating contemporary metal art pieces that make ideal gifts for all occasions.
Michael Cina, ScotPlanet IT Services
Scotplanet IT Services provides IT management, technical support & consultancy and website services to small businesses & communities around Israel & the rest of the "planet".  
Nurit Levak, Nurit Design
Nurit is a goldsmith and designer of gold & silver jewelry. Using precious stones, she designs handcrafted, individual pieces that allow you to choose the jewel of your dreams.
Sandra Goldstein, Sandra Clinic
Sandra is a medical cosmetician p.m.e., expert in the aesthetics of the skin, using Chava Zingboim technology & products, as well as an expert in the treatment of teenage acne.   
Cindy Solkin, Health Through Food
Creator of Freedom from the Fridge, a unique process which combines personal coaching with nutritional guidelines to help free you from emotional eating - forever!  
Gloria Kinrot, USOLVE 
Gloria is a business, manager & team consultant, internationally certified coach, leader & facilitator of the Raanana Women Council's Women-in-Business Club & director of the Raanana Commercial & Industrial Park's networking business community.  
Nurit Buskila, La Belle
Nurit specializes in acne treatment, facials, peeling, waxing, and ultrasonic treatment for wrinkle reduction.

Mylene Rybski, Life and Business Marketing Coaching
Mylene specializes in life coaching and business marketing coaching.
Ariel Levin, Chief Social at Ariel Levin Social Media Consultancy
Ariel offers 3 main services: social media analysis planning & strategy, social media training, and social media management. 
Rachel Schneider, Marquis Jewelry
Engagement rings, exquisite gold jewelry, precious stones, watches.
RE-SPECS Frames for the Needy